Endowment Funds

The Friends of Fort Edmonton Funds

In 2018, the Fort Edmonton Foundation Board established The Friends of Fort Edmonton Funds and the Mary Anne Murphy Fort Edmonton Fund with gifts made from two estates.

Fort Edmonton Foundation’s Endowment Funds

Donors work with Fort Edmonton Foundation and The Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF), to plan their contributions to the Friends of the Fort Edmonton Funds, to ensure their investments are set up for long-term growth.

How Endowments Work

An endowment fund for a non-profit will have an investment, withdrawal and usage policy governing how it is run. The money in the fund is not immediately granted. Instead, your gift is invested, and a percentage is disbursed to the non-profit, Fort Edmonton Foundation, for use by the Foundation for the purpose it is intended.

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Benefits of donating to an Endowment Fund

When you make a donation to the Fort Edmonton Foundation’s Endowment Funds, your contribution is connected to our mission to preserve Edmonton’s history at Fort Edmonton Park. Endowment donations are tax-deductible and all donations are pooled and permanently invested as capital.  The annual investment income earned is used for charitable purposes  at the direction of the donor.

Donor Benefits

  • Endowment funds provide assurance that programs aligned to the donor’s values and priorities will survive.
  • An endowment gift creates a legacy. It will be invested permanently and can serve as a tribute to the donor. The donor’s values can be extended for future generations.
  • A donor named fund can be appreciated immediately in recognition of a donor or the family name once the gift is made.
  • Many donors can plan to make larger gifts than they dreamed were possible, thus making a significant investment in the future.
  • Endowment gifts are sometimes the donor’s last (and largest) significant contribution from assets accumulated over their lifetime. Great impact can be made to the organizations they value most.

Charity Advantages

  • Endowment funds create an ongoing source of income in perpetuity. The charity can count on annual distributions for its charitable work.
  • Funds may be designated for endowment by the donor or by the board of directors; guidelines establish investment and spending policies.
  • The endowment fund grows over time with additional gifts from multiple donors.
  • A well-managed endowment provides long-term stability, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability.
  • Endowments do not create the pressure of immediacy that exists with annual or capital gifts.

For more information about Fort Edmonton Foundation’s Endowment Funds, please contact

Lori Farquharson Persaud, Executive Director
Telephone: 780-496-6978