Our Team

Rotary Acknowledgement


The Rotary Clubs of Edmonton have been a pillar of support for Fort Edmonton Park from its inception.

Without Rotary, Fort Edmonton Park would not exist!

The Rotary Clubs of Edmonton are valuable founding partners and stewards to our development and fundraising achievements. Contributions by local clubs in the first five decades of the Fort Edmonton Foundation have totalled more than $500,000. Their contributions have included: Fort Edmonton, Henderson’s Barn, Kernohan’s Millinery, Hutchings & Riley Harness Shop, Henderson’s Farmhouse, Threshing Bee, Harvest Fair, Case Steam Tractor, Jasper House Hotel, Railway Station, Rumley Oil Pull, Motordrome, and the A-1 Business car. Other smaller projects were also funded. For our current Capital Campaign, Rotary has committed $2 million for the 1920 Street enhancement of the Hotel Selkirk, Windsor Block and Albion Block.


Capital Campaign Cabinet

The Capital Campaign Cabinet is a collaborative steering committee of volunteers representing both Boards of Directors – Fort Edmonton Foundation (FEF) and Fort Edmonton Management Company (FEMCo), the City of Edmonton, the province of Alberta, as well as community stakeholders.

Clayton Tiedemann – Chair
Robb Campre
Tim Cartmell
Jason Clarke
Michael Lohner
Tim Spelliscy
Michael Paull
Aaron Paquette
Marc Quinn
Josh Ramsbottom
Jeff Robinson
Janet Tryhuba
Lynn Wyton

Finance Committee

Experienced financial experts ensure effective communication with internal and external auditors, management, and the board. Responsibilities include ongoing review of statements, reports, policies, budgets, insurance policies, indemnities and investment performances.

Paul Harris, Chair
Jason Clarke
Grace Kallal
Janet Tryhuba

Governance Committee

This committee governs the process for board member recruitment, orientation and education. They oversee committee assignments, succession planning, and board evaluations as well as governance best practices, bylaw changes and reviews. It is also their duty to develop succession plans for senior personnel and to generate a selection committee for the position of Executive Director.

Andrew Otway – Chair
Jason Clarke
Angela Ferguson
Janet Tryhuba
Jim Wachowich

External Community and Government Relations Committee

The ECGR Committee is responsible for high-level strategic stakeholder relations planning including relationship development with government, policymakers and policy influencers, community service clubs, and volunteers. This committee identifies, develops and maintains the coordination and support of these relationships in the interests of the Foundation, capital project initiatives, and strategic plan priorities.

Tim Marriott – Chair
Jason Clarke
Stephen Lau
Josh Ramsbottom
Janet Tryhuba

Operational Oversight Committee

The Operations Oversight Committee provides a forum for ongoing communication and strategic direction and support for the Executive Director. Formal performance evaluations, compensation and succession planning for the Executive Director are reviewed and completed.

Jason Clarke, Chair
Paul Harris
Michael Paull

Light the Midway Committee

Michael Lohner, Co-Chair
Ryan Young – Co-Chair
Jason Clarke
Jody Hrabiwchuk
Marc Quinn
Tim Spelliscy
Janet Tryhuba

Chief Factor’s Breakfast Committee

This annual breakfast has become a community highlight, hosted by the current Honorary Chief Factor. The breakfast celebrates the ambassadors we can be, inspired by the influential hospitality of our first Chief Factor, John Rowand. This group of people demonstrate the leadership and commitment that brings community together.

Clayton Tiedemann, Chair
Jody Hrabiwchuk
Tim Marriott
Andrew Otway
Aaron Paquette, Honorary Chief Factor
Marc Quinn
Janet Tryhuba

Fall for the Fort and Online Auction Committee

Anne Brown, Co-Chair
Grace Kallal, Co-Chair
Shirley Belyea
Jennifer Domanski
Jody Hrabiwchuk
Lisa Jodoin
Margaret Min
Anna Posteraro
Marc Quinn
Janet Tryhuba
Madeline Verhappen

Rotary Legacy Committee*

Lynn Wyton – Chair
Brielle Dergousoff
Michelle Johnson
Wolfgang Kaminski
Cheryl McCartney
Jim Riddell
Kimberleigh Wyton

*2020 event cancelled due to Covid19

50th Anniversary History Book Committee

Generating the capacity to put together a history book about the past 50 years of the Fort Edmonton Foundation was made possible by this group of knowledgeable and dedicated members of our community. We thank the following individuals for bringing the stories to life and holding them safe on the pages of Our Living History: The First 50 Years of the Fort Edmonton Foundation.

  • Jason Clarke
  • Sue Currie
  • Lyndon Decore
  • Judi Kendall
  • Marg Korby* In memory book dedication (1937-2018)
  • Tim Marriott
  • Michael Paull, President
  • Carolina Roemmich, Author and Historian
  • Cassie Peters, Graphic Designer
  • Tim Spelliscy, Honorary Chief Factor

Volunteers are instrumental in bringing our initiatives to life.

Our volunteers have a passion for Fort Edmonton Park and belong to a vibrant community.

We recognize and appreciate the charitable giving of time! Fort Edmonton Foundation volunteers have transformed the lives of participants and visitors through their hands-on and caring service, contributing to something much bigger than themselves.