Fort Edmonton Cares

Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES –
Creating Accessible Responsive Education for Sharing

The Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES (Creating Accessible Responsive Education for Sharing) initiative focuses on expanding the accessibility of the Fort Edmonton Park experience to individuals, community groups, and schools that might be experiencing social, or economic barriers that limit their ability to access this vital educational experience. 

Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES – (Creating Accessible Responsive Education for Sharing) is an initiative that focuses directly on expanding the accessibility of the Fort Edmonton Park to children and youths. We want to ensure that schools, children, youth and families, without means, have the opportunity to experience Fort Edmonton Park like all other children. This includes any and all programming (including summer or day camps), and general access such as food and beverages.

Help me to raise funds in supporting the Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES initiative. Your donation will: 

Create memories for the next generation. 

Accessible to all individuals, schools, community groups, First Nations and Metis groups. 

Responsive to each groups request. 

Education of Edmonton and areas history.

Sharing through interactive experiences. 

Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES will help people in the community facing economic barriers that limit their access to visiting the Park because of costs such as admission, meals, and rides. The initiative will provide admission and an inclusive experience at Fort Edmonton Park  by working with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Edmonton and many others. The Foundation has created this initiative to ensure that people facing challenges can access and enjoy the vital educational experience that Fort Edmonton Park provides.

Each donation of $100 will grant a full park experience for a child or youth. With your generous support, you can make a world of difference by bringing recreational and educational opportunities to children, youth, families, and schools with no other support.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES, please contact us at 780-496-6977 or email.


$5,000 and Up

City Lumber – In memory of Gay Young
Jason and Cindy Clarke
True North Valve Solutions

$1,000 and Up

Beresh Law
Canadian Strategy Group
Capital Power
Anna & Richard Fahrion
Peter and Jeanett Flynn
Ada Hole
Michel & Dorene Morin

Mario Glass
Barbara Prodor
Smart Program Inc.
Technologic Controls Ltd.
Clayton Tiedemann
Mary Jo Williams
Wolf Willow Dental
Bette (Mary E) Woodhead

$100 and Up

Catherine Andrew
Alan & Alice Bell
Anita Chalmers
Bonita Cheong
Lynn Cook
Jean Crozier
Sarah Edwards
Shirley Gifford
Joan Goldstein
Doug Goss
Judi Kendall
Sandra Lockhart
Adolf Loeffler
Ian M. Macdonald

Tim Marriott
Wayne & Susan Norton
Michael Paull
Karen Anne Platten
Heather Roberts
Jim Saunderson
Tim Spelliscy
Dianna Sperling
Hazel Stewart
Barb Stolz
Janet & Jerry Tryhuba
Dr. Bob Turner
Bruce Uditsky
Doug Warren
Winnie Yiu-Young
Ryan Young

“The Rotary Club of Edmonton Sunrise is very proud of our long-standing tradition of working with local schools and students, promoting the importance of reading, creativity, exercise and community awareness. Our club has been fortunate to have our clubs’ roots attached to the Fort Edmonton Park, our weekly breakfast meetings are hosted in the iconic Hotel Selkirk.
The opportunity for our club to participate in the Fort Edmonton Foundation CARES program marries to key pillars the club values very much; deserving youth from our community and the deep history and education that Fort Edmonton Park provides the Capital region. The Rotary Club of Edmonton Sunrise looks forward to the New Grand Re-Opening of Fort Edmonton Park and building on our connection with local students and youth and the Park.”

Rotary Club
of Edmonton Sunrise