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Founded in 1969, a small group of visionaries committed efforts to rebuild Fort Edmonton, create a heritage park and living history museum.

For half a century, as a charity, we have supported Edmonton’s history and continue the work of the founding members.

Fort Edmonton Foundation History

The Fort Edmonton Foundation was founded in 1969 by a group of community leaders, several of them Rotarians, who were interested in establishing a visible memorial to the origins of the City of Edmonton. The objectives of the group, as set forth in the Memorandum of Association, were simple and straightforward:

  • To promote and support the establishment and development of a historical park in Edmonton, called Fort Edmonton Park, which was to contain the replication of old Fort Edmonton; and, which was to be created to be historically accurate insofar as possible.
  • To assist in the preservation, display, restoration and conservation of other buildings, sites, artifacts, personal papers and records, documents and objects which reflect and record the historical heritage of the Edmonton area and its early citizens
  • To establish and maintain a fund for the said purposes and to accept gifts of money and of property, real and personal.
  • To apply the capital and income of the fund for said purposes.

Our Goals

We are a charity dedicated to the preservation of Fort Edmonton Park.

Our goals are to provide the financial resources that enable project development within Fort Edmonton Park.

Working in partnership with the Fort Edmonton Management Company, we connect with community leaders, volunteers, citizens and businesses. We help support funding, fundraising, sustainability and ongoing philanthropy. Our vision is to ensure a meaningful, authentic and memorable visitor experience in the Park.

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Our Team

Fort Edmonton Foundation is an organization that is made up of passionate people who are dedicated to supporting and funding park projects. We are staff, board members, committee members and volunteers that contribute to various capital campaigns, initiatives and events.

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Our Living History Book

Take a journey through the history of Edmonton and the dream-to-reality of Fort Edmonton Park. Learn about the original Fort Edmonton, its dismantling and the purpose of the Fort Edmonton Foundation to restore, preserve and share history.

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Over the years and to this day, these organizations in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region have made the induction, enrichment, and maintenance of the Park possible.



These caring and incredible community members who have donated throughout the years are imperative in helping us to continuously achieve our mission.


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