Honorary Chief Factor

The Honorary Chief Factor is an ambassador and supporter of Fort Edmonton Park and the Fort Edmonton Foundation.

The Honorary Chief Factor inspires and educates the greater community about Fort Edmonton Foundation initiatives, events, and stories.

The Fort Edmonton Honorary Chief Factor is a title that has been awarded to community members for over 45 years.

What is a Chief Factor?

The Honorary Chief Factor’s role is comprised of attending special events, escorting special guests within Fort Edmonton Park and representing Fort Edmonton Park and the Fort Edmonton Foundation to the larger community.

The role of the Honorary Chief Factor is considered honourable, interesting and rewarding. The Honorary Chief Factor is selected by the Fort Edmonton Foundation and serves a two-year term. (The term is occasionally extended.) Upon appointment of a new Chief Factor, the title transfer takes place at the Fort Edmonton Foundation Annual General Meeting. The outgoing Chief Factor passes the symbolic key necklace to the incoming person.

Watch the 2021 Virtual Honorary Chief Factor’s Breakfast. 

Our Current Honorary Chief Factor

Aaron Paquette


Aaron Paquette is a lifelong Edmontonian and a parent raising his family in the North East.

Councillor Aaron Paquette is an advocate for building strong and healthy communities and was elected to Edmonton City Council in October 2017. His work is shaped by his passion for community building and common-sense decision making. Aaron works hard for good jobs and a thriving economy, and cares about community safety and recreation spaces for families. He is fighting for responsible budgeting and smart planning, and is making sure Edmontonians are getting where they need to go.

Councillor Paquette has sponsored the Council Initiative on Food and Agribusiness Diversification, and has also taken a leadership role working on the Child-Friendly Edmonton, End Poverty Edmonton, Multiculturalism, Literacy, and Urban Isolation/Mental Health Initiatives.

Prior to his election to Council, Aaron owned a thriving small business and worked as an award-winning Indigenous artist and author. Aaron lives in Cy Becker with his wife Clarice and their four children.

Past Honorary Chief Factors


Samuel A. Dickson
Dr. James G. MacGregor, Sr.
Richard Y. Secord
Merrill E. Wolfe
Henry G. Ward
Mrs. G.R. (Marion) Shipley
Jack D. Edworthy
Elsie Park Gowan
1979 – 1981
Walter C. Howard
1981 – 1983
Dr. John W. Chalmers
1983 – 1985
Percy B. Brown
1985 – 1987
George H. Stout
1987 – 1989
Charles T. (Chuck) Cripps
1989 – 1991
Peter Hawker
1991 – 1993
Dr. Mary Lobay
1993 – 1995
Alex Mair
1995 – 1997
Justice John McClung
1997 – 1999
Una Maclean Evans
1999 – 2001
Nick Lees
2001 – 2005
Barbara Poole
2005 – 2008
The Honourable Judge
Edward Wachowich
2009 – 2012
Fran Olson
2012 – 2014
Jane Batty
2014 – 2016
Stephen Mandel
2016 – 2018
Tim Spelliscy
2018- 2020
Aaron Paquette