When you volunteer with the Fort Edmonton Foundation, your gift of time helps preserve history at Fort Edmonton Park fundraising for  building capital projects and creating educational programming.

Volunteer with the Fort Edmonton Foundation

If you are looking to volunteer in Edmonton, we have many opportunities available at the Fort Edmonton Foundation.  We sincerely appreciate our volunteers who are willing to share their time, skills and energy with our local Edmonton charity that supports Fort Edmonton projects and programs. From volunteering as a committee member to plan our fun-filled fundraising events to helping out with administrative tasks behind-the-scenes, we are always looking for extra hands!

If you have a love for everything Edmonton, enjoy learning about our incredible history and enjoy connecting with enthusiastic people in our community, volunteering with the Fort Edmonton Foundation will be a fulfilling experience!

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities in Edmonton, your skills are needed right here at the Fort Edmonton Foundation! Please see the current volunteer job posting below. Or simply reach out to us by email or phone 780-496-6977.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising Event Volunteers –  Edmonton

The Fort Edmonton Foundation is the charity that raises funds in support of initiatives at Fort Edmonton Park. Volunteers are key to the successful implementation of initiatives such asfundraising events or outreach activities to promote the organization and raise funds in support of it.

We are currently seeking Fundraising Event Volunteers to:

  • Participate in the planning and implementation of  fundraising events or initiatives (see below for upcoming events and initiatives).
  • Attend committee meetings. The event committee typically meets approximately once a month or at the request of the committee chair.
  • Review the expectations and take on tasks that support the committee’s successful progress towards the event goals and timelines.
  • Develop and recommend the concept and strategy for the fundraising event or initiative and seek final concept and budget approval by the Executive Director.

The Fundraising Event Volunteer is the key linkage group between the organization and the prospective donor/leader community. The campaign, simply put, will succeed or fail, based on the quality and quantity of community leaders that are recruited to the Fundraising Event Committee.

Community volunteers recruited to the Fundraising Event Committee will agree to do the following:

  • Lend their Time. Volunteers will develop strategies that can be implemented within the agreeable timeframe to be successful. Attendance at planning meetings and the events is vitalto building successful events.
  • Be an Ambassador. Volunteer committee members need to speak positively about the organization and the event strategy, and be prepared to answer questions they may be asked.
  • Connect to your network. After agreeing to serve on the event committee, volunteer members will help the organization connect with their personal network to help the initiative be successful. These contacts could be businesses or individuals as potential suppliers, guest speakers, attendees or sponsors of the event.

Our Promise:

Fort Edmonton Foundation will commit the necessary professional staff and resources required to ensure successful collaboration with the Fundraising Event Committee takes place to ensure success of the initiative.

Current Volunteer Opportunities with Fundraising Events:

The following are the initiatives that have or are seeking additional volunteers to join the respective committees:

  • Fall for the Fort Auction – Volunteer Event Committee Members; Committee Chair Position
  • Outreach Ambassadors
  • Chief Factor’s Breakfast – Virtual Edition – Table Hosts

To learn more about these volunteer opportunities in Edmonton, please contact the Fort Edmonton Foundation at 780-496-6977 or email us.

Sarah Hamilton

City Councillor and Honorary Chair for the 50th Anniversary Homecoming

"As a child, I visited the park with my mother and brother. As a teenager, I volunteered for events. And as a university student, I worked at Fort Edmonton Park as a costumed interpreter. ... a lesson I learned in my time working at Fort Edmonton Park is this: what makes our city special today is something that someone fought to preserve in the past."

Help the Fort Edmonton Foundation Preserve the History of Edmonton!